Luxury Yacht Charter Services


Luxury yacht charter services allow customers to sail the globe all the while enjoying the amenities of terra firma. Here, often the best on offer and more than any of us might dream possible while standing. This service is implacable while floating past some of the most fantastic scenery.

Many such services are based on certain areas, but you can start from most European beaches, as far flung as Spain and Portugal. These are not spur of the moment holidays, clients can work with the service provider to determine the route, of course. But every need is catered to, such as; food, drink, entertainment, music.

Typical guest capacities on one boat can range between 10 and 80. High season prices for a week can swing from  to more than one half million. Most of the offers include a captain and 3 to 5 staff members to make sure the only time the passengers lift a finger is to help themselves to more goodies. However, it is not like you are stuck on the boat at all times.

Most of these particular services offer such off boat activities as scuba diving, water skiing, fishing and, of course, swimming. For the more bookish or culinary minded, most of the charter trips offer delicious meals that can be ordered ahead of time. Cocktails, soft drinks and room service is also included.

The top end boats usually feature many entertainment facilities as well as on board spas. Most of the Motor Yacht Charter services have websites that outline the options and the standard features. Booking early is wise in most cases, as discounts for early reservations can be in thousands of Euros.

In the United Kingdom, the Marine Leisure Association serves as the licensee and trainer for UK registered luxury yacht charter providers. So when you are looking to book an ocean tour, make sure to choose a provider that offers you all the amenities that you desire. Enjoy the smooth waters as you enjoy the most sumptuous views aboard your chartered yacht.

It is fair to say that luxury yacht charter is not what most people would consider in life, it is not even ‘how the other half live’. Indeed for those who are lucky enough to be able to afford to charter a luxury yacht, or even work for a company that can afford to on a corporate basis, this really is true luxury. Enjoy.

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